Airbus DS, and in particular the Bremen and Friedrichshafen based teams, is looking back at a long history of successful human spaceflight and lunar explorations projects. Its long success story as prime contractor for man rated flight missions like SpaceLab, Columbus, ATV, the currently running Orion-MPCV ESM programme as well as its involvement in the definition of the lunar Gateway and its leading role in the most recent European lunar exploration activities (Luna Resurs PILOT, Lunar Lander, MARVIN, LPSR,…).  

Furthermore Airbus D&S had a prime role for the HERACLES Ascender System Phase A and HERACLES LAE Subsystem Phase A, as well as in ACLS and its key expertise for Regenerative Fuel Cell Systems (RFCS) / Power Generation Systems made Airbus a natural choice for participating to the proposed consortium.

Role in the project:

Within the project CoRob-X Airbus DS is responsible for the requirement and concept definition of the communication and power subsystem as well as the evaluation of the demonstrator mission in this regard.