GMV Innovating Solutions is a privately owned technological enterprise group with an international presence, with subsidiaries in 10 countries, more than 2000 employees, and activities in the areas of aeronautics, space, defense & security, cybersecurity, intelligent transport systems, healthcare, banking & finance, and ICT.

GMV’s activities in the Space market share the same organizational structure, i.e. all support Departments: Quality & Security, Contracts and Technologies and Support. Each subsidiary in turn is coordinated by a specific Country Manager.

In case of positive acceptance of the project, this will be assigned to the GMV’s Spanish subsidiary, GMV Aerospace and Defence, located in Tres Cantos, Madrid.

The activity will be placed within the Space Segment & Robotics Business Unit (SPS) BU. More specifically the project will directly depend on the On Board and Autonomy (OBA) Division.

GMV will play a key role in the adaption, use and extensions of the technologies developed in the frame of OG1 (ESROCOS Robotic operating system and tooling set) as well as the autonomy framework (OG2) adapting it to the multi-agent, cooperative scenario, based on the work performed by GMV in OG11. Extensions to OG1 and OG2 will be accomplished by GMV (WP5).

GMV will have also a key role in the development of the terrestrial use case (WP4). In close collaboration with Fundación Santa Barbara, it will identify the performances required for the terrestrial scenario, define the requirements for REU-4 and REU-5, and develop REU-4 and REU-5 adapting the different technologies to the corresponding robotic platforms.

The knowledge of GMV in space missions and its participation in ongoing developments (Like the Mars Sampling Return or the Moon Drone) will be also very valuable for the elaboration of the space mission analysis and definition.